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Warlock DPS Calculator
v1.0.5 (21/09/2007)

Being a fan of the World of Warcraft MMORPG, I have written this little application that let's you simulate over 30 seconds the damage a lvl70 Warlock would do, according to his talent tree and the spell he choses to cast. Using a simple drag & drop mechanism, you will be able to select the order in which spells are launched.
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Offline Website

I've read many tutorials on how to support multiple languages for a website. However, none suited my needs. Here's a full tutorial on how to support many languages on your site, with no overhead for your web server. I've even included the application required to generate the multiple versions of the site, so no need to code it yourself :)
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Wireframe to Solid

A simple tutorial to help you reproduce these nice images, where the 3D model mesh smoothly blends with the final rendering.
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